Our Last Day of Regular Shop Opening
Track Lifting on the Live Steam Track begins ......
The heavy gang arrives tomorrow (21st August 2018)
Final Live Steam & Electric Running Day - 18th August 2018
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Live Steam & Electric Running Day - 28th July 2018
After two months with virtually no rain it decided to rain on Friday and Saturday morning (early). We were so lucky it stayed dry all day, although windy, until 4.30pm!!
Live Steam & Electric Running Day - 12th May 2018
Live Steam & Electric Running Day - 7th April 2018
Garden Chuffer's Chairman Can we play?
  Hokey Cokey???
The longest train of the day
Live Steam & Electric Running Day - 19th August 2017
Yet again we were very lucky with the weather, although it was rather windy at times and a few spots of rain but nothing to stop 'play' !!
Photo courtesy of Paul Whiteley Photo courtesy of Paul Whiteley
Photo courtesy of Paul Whiteley
Live Steam & Electric Running Day - 22nd July 2017
One of our customer's is very pleased with his new LGB 24661 Railbus (April 2017)
Running Electric and Live Steam on 8th April 2017


"As you can see from the pictures the “ladies” have found a temporary home at Mr “G S Trings” factory . It is uncertain what it manufactures but it involves numerous and various types of wagons being shunted in and out of the siding. I’m sure Mr Tring is beavering away creating an asset for 'Graces Bottom'." (Customer's layout)
Railworld - March 2017
Live Steam Day - 1st October 2016
Click here to see more photos from our 15th Anniversary Weekend
A customer's layout with his new Piko loco!!
  "Sister Caroline"
Someone's pleased now all their locos are fitted with sound!!
How about that for a signal box for your garden railway? Over 30 levers - all working!!


DC Concepts Levers in action (supplied by us)

Massoth One to One Training at Glendale Junction - April 2016
All learner drivers have to display our "L" plates !!
Live Steam & Electric Running Day at Glendale Junction - 9th April 2016
Live Steam & Electric Running Day at Glendale Junction - 30th May 2015
Busy playing ..... Starting young with Massoth!
Lovely Day .... Lots of Lovely People...
Time to relax... ... and time to play!

Mike's pleased with his second -hand purchase now he's cleaned it up!!


It's amazing what a bit of "spit and polish" can do.
  Not sure what George is fishing for!!!
A Lovely Touch of Spring (in a customer's garden) March 2015
Note the Prehm half-releif buildings in the photo below
Garden Railway at Nene Valley Railway - all ready for Santa Special 2014

Live Steam and Electric Running Day - 25th October 2014
From a customer - Pictures show Sir Henry Baskerville straining on the front of a spud and onion special . Who says end to end lines are not interesting. All the garden produce is brought up to the house by train apart from swedes and marrows of course. A distance of about 100 metres. At the moment I am building more wagons and another loco to go double headed with 'Sir Henry' to handle the broad bean harvest next spring!
A customer's fairly new railway in Yorkshire - how lovely is that?
Bachmann Dealer Open Day - had a great day today (Mon 21/7/14) seeing new products and meeting Mr Ting, MD of Kader Industries (owner of Bachmann) again.
Railworld, Peterborough 7th & 8th June 2014
The garden railway at Railworld
A happy Customer running his new Roundhouse Criccieth Castle
What a great layout!
Rail & Hail Stones - May 2014



Thanks Dave for the photo of Tony's Lister Diesel at work!


New Station Building (Jacksons Miniatures) at Erin's Halt has been delivered and is open for business


.... and more from Bob's railway in progress, with Roundhouse Little Jon and Binnie Skips, plus a guards van

Bob's Baldwin & Coaches too.....

A busy Scene from Neil's Railway

Now we have the Post Office Car from Neil


Bob's Railway under construction with his new" Little John" from Roundhouse


What you can do with a Second-hand Bachmann Combine

Make it into a Pay Car ....... Add the Payroll Clerk and his Security Men
Can you spot the safe and adding machine?
It actually has a pay window, safe, wage sheets, pay evelopes, pens, window blinds, clock, swivel chair, oil lamp and even an old mechanical adding machine! Amazing what some people can do. Well done Neil.
The Colorado and Rio Grande Railroad is pleased to announce the presentation of a gold watch and chain as a thank you for long service to the railroad to Conductor Chuck Reynolds(looks like Burt)before getting his train orders to run the first train on the railroads new pay service,it was reported he had a tear in his eye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(,extract from the front page of the Apache Falls Tribune)3 mar 14.
It is actually real 9ct gold!!!!!

Wind damage at Glendale Junction

We have started to lay the new Track Bed on the Live Steam Track

Sat 18th January 2014
Monday/Tuesday 21st Jan 2014

9th/10th/11th February 2014 New trackbed in front of the shed and track fastened down
Click here to see how we're progressing

"Glendale Ski Resort" - The Latest Snowy Window!


Christmas 2013 has arrived at Glendale Junction

Christmas ar Glendale Junction
Christmas ar Glendale Junction
Christmas ar Glendale Junction
Christmas ar Glendale Junction
Christmas ar Glendale Junction
Christmas ar Glendale Junction

Autumn 2013 at Glendale Junction

A Viaduct in Brickwork - looks fantastic - click here for more photos

Grounded Coach - one of Gordon's Trains coach kits being used as Jean's Tea Room - well it was Jean's idea in the first place!

Whilst looking for inspiration for his own garden railway one of the bears visited our line..


A fairly new garden railway in Yorkshire (June 2013)


*UPDATE* A visit to a local customer's railway in June 2013 (May 2012 visit below)

Amazing who visits some Garden Railways !
One of our Customer's Garden Railways - roll on Spring & Summer
Nurnberg Toy Fair 2013
OcCre Stuttgart Tram
OcCre Stuttgart Tram Kit Just Plain Folks - figures coming soon
Just a taster of our trip to the Toy Fair - more to follow soon .....

21st January 2013 ... even more snow !!


A Garden Railway in Northampton


A customer's railway in Yorkshire


Snow at Glendale Junction 15th(?) January 2013

Loco Conversions by a customer

This one started life as an Otto ... and this one as a Stainz !
Well done Neil.

A visit to a local customer's railway in May 2012 (June 2013 visit above)

Team Glendale (or at least part of an excellent team of helpers) at The National Garden Railway Show at Peterborough 31st March 2012

Our 10th Anniversary Weekend - 24th & 25th September 2011 (click for more photos)

Changes to our Layout - Summer 2008

After talking about a water-feature for about 3 years, it has finally arrived!! Well, how else is a girl supposed to get the slate over to the other side of the water?
The slate's there now. A bit more done with some edging and planting
Pebbles have now been put into the bottom of the stream And ..... we move onto the next area!!
A bit of colour added with some cyclamen and violas.

German Running Day - 19th July 2008

The flags were flying... ....trains were running
...... and everyone had a good time!  

Steve helping Dale with Hampton End Layout