If you have any questions about G-Scale, have a look through the ones below as we might have already answered it for you: -

Q. How easy is it to get started? All you need is very basic DIY and gardening knowledge. Friends and neighbours are always keen to help! We sell starter sets which comprise of a loco, two coaches (or two wagons) a circle of track, transformer and accessories.
Q. Can the railway stay outside? Yes, the track is completely weatherproof.. We recommend that the engines and rolling stock are taken inside at night or when they are unattended, for security reasons.
Q. What makes the railway work? If you run electrical it runs on 22 volts, analogue or digital (MTS). You can also run live steam locomotives.
Q. What do I lay my track on? You can lay your track straight onto the lawn, which usually is not very flat! You can put it onto wood, concrete, bricks, paving slabs, railway sleepers, gravel … anything which provides a solid track bed.
Q. Can I buy extra track? Extra track is available from various manufacturers in different lengths and radii along with points, crossovers, reversing loops etc.
Q. Are buildings available? Yes, you can buy buildings such as stations, signal boxes, goods sheds, houses, shops, churches etc. These can be left outside all year round.
Q. How do I know what extra track, engines, rolling stock and accessories there is to buy? Catalogues are available from various manufacturers.
Q. What will the trains and rolling stock do? The loco in the LGB starter set has smoke, sound and lights. Different engines do different things including announcements, brake sounds etc. Some coaches are fitted with lights, others can have lighting kits added.
Q. Is it easy to maintain? Very little maintenance is required apart from keeping the track clean to ensure good electrical contacts. This can be done by hand, by attaching a track cleaner to the base of a truck or by using a track cleaning loco. Light oiling of the moving parts of the locos is recommended along with periodic greasing.