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HSB Steam Engine 99 5901 - Analogue with Smoke

In the Harz narrow-gauge railways are still - just like 100 years ago - Mallet locomotives, which tries to prove its performance is still in train service. Here are currently the only operational Mallet in Germany can be found. You should also have the most longest serving of all German steam locomotive, partly because they are since 1897, except for shorter breaks without interruption in service. The lines in the resin have long slopes with up to 25 ‰ represent the highest demands on both the material and personnel. Since commissioning of the Nordhausen-Wernigerode Railway (NWE, "resin cross-train and chunks") Mallet locomotives on the track played a dominant role. As late as 1897 when the first portions went into operation, the first mallets were delivered. Total built the locomotive factory Arnold Young, and the Mecklenburg Jungenthal Waggonfabrik Güstrow to 1901 twelve-identical B'Bn4vt mallets for NWE, which unwound in the first ten years, almost all traffic. Unfortunately, the military field railways seized with the beginning of World War II six machines, which were all lost in war. As a result, the railway company numbered around 1918 in the remaining six locomotives. They wore now numbers 11 to 16 A locomotive (NWE 12, ex 20) was killed on 06.07.1927 in difficult Thumkuhlental in Wernigerode and plunged down a high embankment. It was decomposed on the spot. Thus there were only five locomotives. These machines, which were 1949-DR numbers 99 5901-5905 came from 1956 to Selketalbahn, because there lack prevailed train and arrived in Wernigerode, the first of the series Neubauloks 99.72.
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2011003 HSB Steam Engine 99 5901 - WiFi   Not In stock £1275.00
2011012 HSB Steam Engine 99 5901, DCC Sound, Zimo   Not In stock £1193.00
2011101 HSB Mallet 99 5902 analog   Not In stock £915.00
2011112 HSB Mallet Dampflok 99 5902, DCC, Sound ZIMO Train Line 2011112 Not In stock £1275.00
2011302 DR Mallet Dampflok 99 5901, Analog & DCC, Sound ZIMO Not In stock £1248.00

Steam Engine 99 6101 - Analogue with Smoke

1914 Henschel supplied two engines to the land forces technical examiners. The two locomotives were identical up to small differences in the boiler. The main difference is that a locomotive (99 6101) was awarded a steam engine and the other (99 6102) a Naßdampftriebwerk. Tested in a maneuver Württemberg railway pioneers were at the "Drei Annen Hohne," took place. In 1917, the Nordhausen-Wernigerode Railway the Heißdamplok and three years later was able to acquire the Naßdampflok.
Both locomotives were used in the NWE for the transport dolly.
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2012012 Steam Engine 99 6101 (Pfiffi) - Digital, Sound and Smoke ZIMO   Not In stock £1172.00
2012101 Steam Engine 99 6102 (Pfiffi)- Analogue with Smoke   Not In stock £860.00
2012112 Steam Engine 99 6102 (Pfiffi)- Digital, Sound and Smoke ZIMO   Not In stock £1234.00

Diesel Engine V3.


Analogue, 5 lights, pickup on skids & wheels - can be easily digitisedAt the beginning of 1980 the DEV took over the V122 of the VGH, that had been parked on the premises of the museum's railroad. This engine then named V21, was built together with the identical V22 for operation with the former "Euskirchener Kreisbahn". The engines were equipped with multi-way control allowing the control of both engines from a single cab. In 1966 they were sold as V121 and V122 to the VGH and served there until 1971 on the remaining narrow gauge line from Bruchhausen-Vilsen to Asendorf (today's railway museum railway). When the VGH gave up the service and the DEV took the museums operation over, they planned to re gauge the Diesel engines to 1435mm. In 1972 they reconstructed the V121 but they realised that such an undertaking was too extensive. Therefore, the V122 remained unchanged and was parked at the museum. Since 1982 the engine has been technically tested again and serves as V3 on the museums railway.


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2021002 Diesel Engine V3 Digital with Sound Train Line 45 DEV V3 Not In stock £430.00
2021200 Diesel Loco MOB V121 - analog   Not In stock £291.00
2021202 MOB V121 - digital, sound (Massoth)   Not In stock £430.00

HSB Triebwagen T1 187-001 - analogue

due end 2017

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HSB Triebwagen T1 187-001 DCC Sound

due end 2017

Train Line HSB Triebwagen Not In stock £742.00

HSB Triebwagen T3 - analogue


  due 2018

HSB Triebwagen T3 - DCC, Sound

  due 2018

RhB Electric Ge 4/6 353 - analogue due end 2017

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RhB Electric Ge 4/6 353 - DCC, Sound ZIMO due end 2017

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