Train Line 45


Glendale Junction are the Importers of Train Line 45 (trade enquiries welcome)

In 2007 TrainLine45 developed the idea for a track system which eliminates ultra narrow curves. Consequently they eliminated R1 and substituted R 2 for it. Their system offers curves and points for R2 and R3.

Sleepers - For optical compatibility the tie spacing is identical, even at the end of the track where it joins the next piece. It is also completely compatible with pre-existing product lines eg LGB and Piko.

Detail - The ties and rail chairs with their detailed bolts look as close to prototypical appearance as possible. You'll love the detail of their square and hex bolts and of course each bolt is differently position on every single tie, just like in the real world - no two screws ever tighten in the same position.

Innovation - The points have a plastic embedded metal frog, allowing increased operational enhancement in more than one way. While it is conventionally known that slow moving engines get stuck on the frog due to lack of power, you now have the option to power the frog. On top of this derailments at the frog are history and never will become an issue since our metal frog cannot deteriorate Entering a curve starts at the pints, and too often that is where it starts to fail and our quality design continued with the correctly positioned guardrails - even on R2, which makes R2 the smart choice for confined spaces.

Manual Electric DCC Points have to move and there are two choices: manual or Electric/DCC. Both are identical dimensions, guaranteeing a common look. Electric DCC drives are powered by a servo which allows for slow motion movement of the points. Gone are the days of "shooting" the points over to the other side. Train Line45 make them move prototypically.

Then they integrated DCC into the same chassis, eliminating water penetration to the minimum that is technically possible. In addition servo and electronics are sealed against water for DC and DCC.

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Nickel TrainLine45 nickel plated brass track has the electrical benefits of brass combined with the non corrosive properties of nickel. Ultimately this is conductivity without the headaches.