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Last updated 18th July 2018


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Preiser 45001 Information Person & Enquirer, boxed £18.00
Preiser 45002 Walking Railway Men (2), boxed £15.00
Preiser 45005 Track Work Safetyguard (yellow post missing), boxed £15.00
Preiser 45008 Road Workers, boxed £18.00
Preiser 45019 Track Workers, boxed £18.00
Preiser   Seated People (3), boxed £20.00
Preiser 45108 Waitress And Guest with broken arm, boxed £10.00
Preiser 45103 On Station and Couple Kissing (but man missing his kiss!!), boxed, good condition £10.00
Preiser   Security men?, boxed £15.00
Preiser 45506 Pope, good condition, boxed £10.00
£3 per figure
£3 per figure
£3 per figure
  1 fig + bench = £5.00
  2 figs + Bench = £8.00