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Last updated 23rd August 2017

Part exchange may be available against your purchase, depending on age and condition.
We can buy your G Scale (G Gauge), 16mm or Gauge 1 garden railway unwanted items at very competitive prices. Please ring to make an appointment before bringing second-hand items for us to sell. We need time to give you time.
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We have a selection of s/h and some unopened Railway DVD's. Mainly British Railways but a couple of box sets with Continental Railways. £2.00 - £10.00. All monies to charity.

We also have a selection of s/h railway books - again all monies to charity.

Newquida   45mm Coaches, greeen, metal wheels, Massoth lights and figures, good condition, boxed x 4 Reduced to £50 each £60 each £70 each
Newquida   45mm Box Van, brown, good condition, boxed Reduced to £25.00 £32.000
LGB 11000 R1 curves x 6   £3.50 each
CHS   Concrete Viaduct, 17 straight arches, 5 curved arches, 21 piers, 3 high piers,
2 short piers
Buyer to collect reserved
Tuxcraft   Concrete Nursing Home, , half relief, buyer to collect £30.00
Tuxcraft   Concrete Garage, half relief, buyer to collect £30.00
Tuxcraft   Concrete Post Office and Store, half relief, buyer to collect  
Prehm   Resin House, half relief, buyer to collect £65.00
LGB 10152 Insulated track (double) 150mm, unboxed x 2   £13 each
LGB 12000 R1 RH point, no switch mechanism, unboxed   £22.00
LGB 21392 RhB Museum ABe 4/4 Railcar, 34, Sound, Digital, good condition, boxed

Not the actual item

Reduced to £700.00 £900.00
LGB 55021 MTS Loco Decoder, unused, boxed, instructions x 2   £55 each
LGB 55022 MTS Loco Decoder for small locos, unused, boxed, instructions   £55.00
Massoth 8135001 1200Z Central Station   £700.00
Massoth   DiMax Navigator   reserved
Massoth 8156001 Switch Decoder x 3   £45 each - reserved
Massoth 8156001 Switch Decoder - works but connections blackened, one tail on SW1 has corroded contact   coming soon
Massoth 8133001 DiMax Receiver, instructions, no box   £75.00
    Country Station, ready built, buyer to collect tba
LGB 17050 Sound Trigger Magnet x 3   tba
LGB 11500 Plastic track ciips x 2   tba
LGB 50160 Power Connectors x 3   tba
LGB 12010 Electric Point Motors x 4   £15 each
LGB 17100 EPL Track Contacts x 2   £8 each
LGB 12070 Supplementary switch x 2   tba
LGB 10310 Track Bumper, lit   £10.00
LGB 12630 Electric 3 way point   £90.00
LGB 12150 R1 Electric LH Point x x 6   £40 each
LGB 12050 R1 Electric RH Point x x 7   £40 each
LGB 16050 R3 Electric RH Point, unboxed   £55.00
LGB 13000 30 degree Diamond Crossing, unboxed   £25.00
LGB 10040 41mm straight track x 4   £2 each
LGB 10050 52mm straight track x 2   £2 each
LGB 10070 75mm straight track x 2   £2 each
LGB 10080 82mm straight track x 5   £2 each
LGB 11040 1/4 R1 curved track x 8   £2 each
LGB 11020 1/2 R1 curved track x 9   £2 each
LGB 10152 Double Insulated Track, unboxed x 4   £13 ach
LGB   Assorted cut track   £4 per foot pro rata
LGB 22660 DR Railbus, digital conversion, lights work both ends but only one cab end and no interior lighting. Good codnition, boxed

LGB 22660

Not the actual item

Roundhouse   Criccieth Castle, R/C. sound, brunswick green, "THOR" nameplates, grab rails slightly tarnished, good condition, unboxed £850.00
SplitJaw 250-PSC Stainless Steel power clamps for code 250 track x 21   £15.00
Peco SL-911 Insulated Rail Joiners for code 250 track x 13   £2.00
LGB 20705 Zillertal Set Zillertal Loco, digital and sound, good conditon, instructions, unboxed £575.00 for the set
Zillertal Coach, 1 set metal wheels, one door hinge broken, fair condition with some garden scratches, unboxed
2nd Class Zillertal Coach (B1) with painted vacuum pipes, metal wheels, broken buffer one end, unboxed
2nd Class Zillertal coach (B24), fair condition, metal pickup wheels, no lights, broken buffers each end, unboxed
LGB 10152 Insulated track (double) 150mm, good condition, boxed   £14.00
LGB 10560 Electric uncoupler with 150mm of track, boxed   £35.00
LGB 11000 R1 curves x 13   £4 each
LGB 11000 R1 curves x 20   £4 each
LGB 11152 Insulated Track double R1 bend, unboxed x 2   Reduced to £7.50 each £10.00 each
LGB 12000 R1 RH Point, manual, unboxed   £28.00
LGB 12000 RH R1 point, no changer, unboxedx 3   £22 each
LGB 12000 RH R1 point, unboxed   £25.00
LGB 12100 LH R1 point, no changer, unboxed x 3   £22 each
LGB 12050 R1 RH electric point, unboxed x 2   £40 each
LGB 13200 22.5 degree crossing, unboxed   £30.00
LGB 1400 Turntable - indoor use only, used condition, but works OK   £100.00 reserved
LGB 15000 R2 curves x 5   £9 each
LGB 16000 R3 curves x 8 + 1 x cut length   £8 each
LGB 17100 Track Contact x 2   £8 each
LGB 2071D Zillertahl, digital, sound in wagon, 1 front & rear lamp not working, smoke?, fair condition for age, boxed, instructions (No.5)


LGB 20761.1 Steam Loco, digital, no lenses, 1 light insert missing, no smoke, fair condition, unboxed £115.00
LGB 20900.1 Yellow diesel shunter, digital, good condition, 1 bezel missing, unboxed £125.00
LGB 21151 0-4-0 Loco & Tender, both powered, good condition, no instructions, boxed


Not the actual item

Reduced to £275.00 £300.00
LGB 21842 DR Steam Loco, digital and sound, instructions, boxed

Not the actual item

LGB 25701 DR BR99 Steam Locomotive II, Massoth XLS digi & sound, "Lady Alice" nameplates, large hole in chimney grid, otherwise good condition, boxed

Reduced to £325.00 £400.00
LGB 3012 Blue & Cream Starter Set Coach, boxed, lights   £45.00
LGB 3062 Green Coach with "Zell am Zee Krimml" on the side, vgc, boxed x 2   £75 each
LGB 32710 2nd Class Combine Car

LGB 32700 2nd class passenger coach


LGB 38078 OBB Passenger Car Dark Green, vgc. boxed

LGB 38078

Not the actual item

LGB 55005S Central Station, serial, unboxed   Reduced to £25.00 £30.00
LGB 55015 Universal Remote, boxed, instructions, reconditioned   £120.00
LGB 55016P Loco Remote, parallel, unboxed, no instructions   £70.00
LGB 55016P Loco Remote, instructions, leads, boxed   £75.00
LGB 55026 Interface cable, unused x 2   £9 each
LGB 55055P Wireless Receiver, good condition, boxed   £75.00
LGB 63193 Electrical Contact Accessories, unopened pack £5.00
LGB   2 Track Magnets + hook & spring set, unopened   £10.00
AnDel (?) Ref KT01 Brown open wagon, 32mm, plastic wheels, unboxed Reduced to £20.00 £25.00
Aristocraft 11200 RH R1 point, boxed   £25.00
Aristocraft 11210 LH R1 point, boxed   £25.00
Bachmann 94652 3' length brass straight track x 11 (LGB compatible)   £12 each
Gaugemaster GM T3 (Ref KT29) Single 24v for Capacitor Discharge Units, boxed Gaugemaster T3 £18.00
Gaugemaster GM13 Pair Connecting Leads (OO Rail Joiner/Wire), unused £1.50
Massoth 8133101 RC Receivver, reconditioned by Massoth, lead, no instructions, unboxed   £75.00
Massoth 8133501 wireless transmitter for additional installation, boxed   £40.00
Massoth 8133501 DiMAX R/C Transmitter for navigator, as new, no instructions, unboxed x 2 £40 each
Peco ST605 Set curves 30" radius x 11   £4.75 each
Peco SL-900 45mm cut track x 6 various lengths   £10 per length pro rata 'ish
Peco SL-996 Left Hand Points, unboxed x 2   £43 each
RWS   Open Wagon, metal wheels, brown, 32mm x 2, unboxed

Not the actual item

Reduced to £20.00 each £25.00 each
Tuxcraft   Concrete Water Tower £15.00
Tuxcraft   Concrete Barn - buyer to collect £10.00
Tuxcraft   Concrete Lineside Hut - buyer to collect £8.00
Various Makes   Asstd G Scale figures, painted & unpainted   Painted - £3.00 each Unpainted - £2 each
Make unknown   32mm gauge, 30mm solid metal wheels x 3 pairs £4.50 per pair
Selection of Schleich figures various prices
    4 pairs small 45mm non-insulated wheels, as new   £2 per pair
Slow Sharp Curve Sign, Whistle Sign, 2 x Concrete Post Boxes £10.00
    Fir trees with light snow covering - 1 x 39cm, 5 x 24cm, 6 x 20cm 39cm - £7.00 24cm - £5.00 20cm - £4.00
Unknown KT23 32mm FCC Silver Bogie Tanker, unboxed Reduced to £25.00 £35.00
Unknown Make   Plastic bench kits, 3 x brown, 3 x green   £2 each
    16mm Loco Nameplates, unused, brass April, Cathie, Clinton, Gail, Kayleigh, Lana £8 per pair unpainted, £12 painted