Roundhouse have been manufacturers of live steam locomotives for 'G' Scale, SM45 & SM32 since 1982 and are the major supplier of this type of model in the UK. Though they are based in Doncaster, England, birthplace of some of the worlds most famous main line steam locomotives, their engines are in operation on garden railways round the world, bringing the sights and sounds that only live steam offers, to thousands of satisfied operators.


If you would like a Roundhouse loco in a particular specification we can order it for you from the next availale batch.

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**New** LILLA (Live Steam)

Roundhouse Lilla

'Lilla' was designed and built in 1891 by the Hunslet Engine Company for use on the Cilgwyn Slate Co Quarry at Nantile before moving on to the Penrhyn Quarry in 1928. After being restored by Bernard Latham in 1963 she was first displayed at the Winter Garden Railway in Hertfordshire in 1972, then at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum in 1987 and then on the Bala Lake Railway in 1991. She eventually found her way onto the reknowned Ffestinog railway in 1993 and is still in active use to this day.

The images provided are created in CAD software.

The full engine shall be unveiled during the National Garden Railway Show in Peterborough on the 8th April 2017.

Technical specifications for 'Lilla'.
  • 0-4-0 outside framed chassis using ROUNDHOUSE inside value gear.
  • Exhaust enhancer.
  • Water top-up system and water gauge as standard.
  • Internal gas firing using the ROUNDHOUSE 'FG' gas system.
  • Controls fitted as standard are :- steam regulator, safety valve, pressure gauge, displacement lubricator, gas regulator and reversing gear.
  • Dimensions (loading gauge) are :- length 284mm over buffers, width 103mm, height 146mm.
  • Available in either Manual or (2.4 GHz) Radio Control.
  • The wheels are adjustable between 32mm and 45mm gauge.
  • Also available with insulated wheels.
  • Available in any standard ROUNDHOUSE colour.
  • As the locomotive is still in development final specifications may change before the finalised model.

3 Plank Coal Wagon Kit (3PCW) - £17.00 each

A set of etched brass and wood parts to build a three plank wagon which are ideal for pulling behind our Little John locomotive. These are quick and easy to assemble and come complete with couplings and wheel sets for both 32mm and 45mm gauge.
Roundhouse 3 Plank Coal Wagon Kit


Basic Series Locomotives
        2017 Prices

0-4-0 tank loco
Not In stock
US style 0-4-0 saddle tank loco
Not In stock
British style 0-4-0 saddle tank loco.
Not In stock
Roundhouse Bulldog Bulldog 0-4-0 Diesel - battery powered 1 x Green with red buffers & rods, 1 x Black with chevron buffers & yellow rods - in stock £613.00
Roundhouse NDM-6 Diesel Darjeeling NDM-6 0-4-0 outside framed chassis In stock - Sound, Darj blue Non-sound £1210 or Sound £1310
Roundhouse Harlech Castle Harlech Castle 0-6-0 Diesel - battery powered New Stock due May 2018
Non-sound £888 or Sound £1019
Roundhouse Little John Little John 0-4-0 Diesel - battery powered In Stock - blue with red buffers
Roundhouse Alco  
Not In Stock
Manual £1800 or R/C £2020
Roundhouse Beddgelert Bedgelert 0-6-4 outside framed live steam loco Not In Stock
Manual £1795 or R/C £2005
0-4-0 Koppel locomotive
Not In Stock
Manual £1275
R/C £1503
Bundaberg 0-6-2 outside framed chassis Not In Stock
Manual £1578 or R/C £1745
  Bundaberg Conversion Kit Not in Stock  
 Roundhouse Darjeeling
 Darjeeling 'B' class
0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive Not In Stock
Manual £1865
R/C £2075
Roundhouse Darjeeling Garratt Darjeeling 'D' class Garratt 0-4-0+0-4-0 Garratt locomotive In Stock - Dark Brunswick Green - £3600.00
R/C £3700.00
Roundhouse Fowler
(gauge conversion kit required for 32mm)
0-6-2 tender locomotive
Not in Stock
Manual £1555
R/C £1775
Roundhouse Karen Karen 0-4-2 outside framed loco Not In Stock
Manual £1595 or R/C £1792
 Roundhouse Katie
0-4-0 UK style saddle tank locomotive In Stock - Black or blue, R/C, Ins wheels (both only £1470 each)
Manual £1275
R/C £1503
 Roundhouse Lady Anne
 Lady Anne
0-6-0 UK style side tank locomotive Not in stock - due July/Aug 2018
Manual £1325
R/C £1503
Roundhouse Leek & Manifld
Leek & Manifold
2-6-4 outside framed chassis
Not In stock
Manual £1723 R/C £1935
Roundhouse Russell 2-6-2 Hunslet tank locomotive
Not in Stock
Manual £1625
R/C £1797
(Russell name and works plate set £12.00)
 Roundhouse Sandy River
 S.R.& R.L. #24.
2-6-2 Baldwin tender locomotive
Not In stock
Manual £2645.00
R/C £2875.00
Roundhouse Silver Lady
Silver lady
0-6-0 UK style side tank locomotive
Not in Stock
Manual £1622 R/C - £1818
Conversion Kits - In Stock      
Alco 45 to 32mm   Karen 32mm to 45mm
Bundaberg 45 to 32mm   Leek & Manifold 45mm to 32mm
Fowler 32mm to 45mm   Mountaineer 32mm to 45mm
George 32mm to 45mm      
HBK1 Billy Chassis Kit Not In stock
HBK2 Lady Anne Chassis Kit Not In stock
HBK4 Lady Anne Boiler Kit Not In stock
HBK6 Lady Anne Body Kit Not In stock
HBK10 Lady Anne R/C Fittings Kit In Stock


White Metal Accessories (Need painting and some need assembling) - Mostly in Stock
Roundhouse Bucket B - Bucket

Cast Post Box - just needs assembling and painting
Roundhouse Post Box CPB - Royal Mail wall mounted post box.
One piece casting.
Roundhouse Bench Station seat kit with cast ends and wooden laths
Roundhouse Tool Kit RHCTE - Tool box, engineers type.
One piece casting.
RHCSC - Suitcase.
Two piece casting.
Roundhouse Shovel RHCSH - Shovel

ROundhoue Ticket Machine

Cast Station Ticket Machine - just needs assembling and painting
Roundhouse Hammer
RHCH - Cast Metal Hammer

Roundhosue Station Clock

RHCWC - Cast Station Clock- just needs assembling and painting


Roundhouse Multi-Tool - in stock

This is a 'must have' tool for all Roundhouse owners. As well as flat and philips head screw driver blades, it includes specially made bits for adjusting the safety valve, removing and replacing the gas filler valve and, for the kit builder, one for fitting 'starlock' washers.

Roundhouse Multi Tool
  or more )
All bits are 1/4" hexagon shank and are held in the tool holder magnetically. As a bonus, the internal magnet extends out on a telescopic shaft to give you a useful pick up device for when you drop small parts in hard to get to places. Sold as a set for £14.30

Fowler - Kit Form

Roundhouse Fowler

Fowler is available in kit form. The kit details with the retail prices are as follows:-

HBK20 Fowler chassis kit

HBK21 Fowler boiler kit

HBK22 Fowler body kit

HBK23 Fowler r/c fittings

HBK9 Bogie tender kit