Prehm Miscellaneous

Figures from Prehm, made of plastic or zinc and extremely detailed. 1:22.5-1:24 scale and weatherproof

Most items in stock - Due to the fluctuating euro please email or ring for prices and availability
Prehm Cow & Man
50104 Man with Cow
Prehm Cow
Prehm Cow
500124 Woman pushing Man in Wheelchair


Prehm 500127 NEW 2018 500127 Electrician on Mast


Who does not know them, the "mast climber" from the time when electricity
and telegraph poles were everywhere. With a little skill the wooden poles were
climbed with crampons. The set includes the electrician with crampons and the
mast with insulators, both made of metal and painted with UV resistant paints.
This set is an eye-catcher on every layout. Not available yet!
Prehm 50014
Prehm 50015
550014 Figure Carrying Flag 550015 Figure Waving Flag
Prehm 50016
550016 Figure Waving Blue & White Flag  
Prehm Bench green Item No 500201G - Green Bench - £9.00 each
Item No 500201B - Brown Bench - £9.00 each Prehm bench brown
Prehm 54000

NEW 2018 500400 Coal Libra

By popular demand, the model of a coal libra was born with which bags were filled. A filigree model fair Model is now available, suitable for coal storage. Not available yet!
NEW 2018 500410 Coal Merchant Fills Sacks (metal) Not available yet! Prehm 500410
Prehm 500411 NEW 2018 500411 Coal Dealer with Shovel (metal) Not available yet!
NEW 2018 500412 Coal Dealer "Boss" (metal) Not available yet! Prehm 500412
Pm550207 Pm550207A
Pm550208 Pm550209
550208 550209
Prehm 500220
500220 Conveyor for coal handling of steam engines and coal tender - £56.00 In stock
A conveyor a customer has painted and embelished for his layout (thanks Simon)
  510511 Mushroom Lamp
Prehm 510514 Prehm 510514
510513 traffic lights with electronics 510514 traffic lights without electronics
Prehm 510515 Prehm 510516
510515 traffic lights individually 510516 Big traffic lights, bow mast
Prehm 510517 Pm510519
510517 510519
510520 Construction Barrier, 3 stantions with chaser  
510524 Gas Lantern 510525 Large Gas Lamp
Pm510528 Pm510532
510528 510532
Pm510533 Pm510534
510533 510534
Prehm Witch Pm550055
550027 - Witch 550055
Prehm Seated Figures  
550116 5 Seated Figures Set 1 550117 Seated Figures
550118 Seated Figures 550119 Rapid Rex
  "Rapid Rex" mower - with operator
The "Rapid Rex" mower is suitable on the mountain slopes and embankments to mow the grass.
The device used primarily in the Swiss mountain slopes is an exclusive detail for large railway layout with theme Austria, Switzerland or RhB. Also used in the plane is the plastic model
Delivered (with metal parts) with operator
Prehm 550125
550125 Caravan
Prehm 550201  
550201 - Goli Lorry Driver  
Prehm 550501
550501 - Beer Drinker 550502 - Chimney Sweep
550503 - Marshall with Horn 550504 - Paver
550505 - Roofer 550507 - Man Chopping
550508 - Photographer Approx £10.00 550509 -Approx £10.00
550510 - Worker with Pickaxe  
Pm550512jpg Pm550512A
550612 Real Coal (1-3mm) 7 550613 Real Coal (3- 5mm)
Prehm 550607

No. 550607 Rusted oil drum

Plastic hand-painted


No. 550608 Rusted oil drum

Plastic hand-painted


Prehm 550608
Prehm 550609

No. 550609 Swiss milk cans - 5 piece set

Plastic hand-painted

Plastic models with UV resistant paints approx £10.00


501000 - Prehm Miniatures offers exclusive, a CD with the background noise of the Swiss pasture, the folklore, the Alphorn music and the musical atmosphere of the cattle drive. Available now £13.00
Prehm Swiss CD 50100

NEW 2018 560000 Coal Store

For the steam locomotives and the
already existing conveyor belt - Art.
No. 500220 - we chose the theme
"Coal" in 2018. Another building in the program of relief houses is a coal shop with gate
and ramp. The plastic building is a
finished model, hand painted with UV
resistant inks and therefore completely
weatherproof. Hand Pattern - Color and shape may differ from the original. The figures shown in the picture, the coal bag and the gas bottles and the wooden shelter are not included. Not available yet!
Prehm 560001

NEW 2018 560001 Coal Storage

An extension of the coal trade is the coal
storage. Here is stored in several bansen,
wood, briquettes, peat and of course coal.
Hand Pattern - Color and shape may differ from the original.
The figures shown in the picture, the coal bag and the gas
bottles and the wooden shelter are not included. Not available yet!