Model Sounds Master Blaster - Super Improved

As you see from the pictures below– the new Master Blaster Super Improved has dramatically shrunk in size and weight compared to the original (left), making it even more suitable to locate where space in your model is at a premium, BUT with no loss to sound quality and most importantly, volume – sound pressure level (SPL). So your Model Sounds will still sound GREAT! (The £1 coin is for a size comparison!)
Model Sounds have listened to you!
Modelsounds had the privilege of launching the Master Blaster sound unit in July 2012, and whilst the unit was well-received, there have been some suggestions which they have taken on board.
Make it smaller
Sound needs to move air to be heard, but in the last 2 ½ years everything becomes smaller – and now we can present to you what they believe is the smallest MP3 player on the planet. As you can see, in relation to the £1 coin, it has shrunk considerably by over 2/3rds in fact!
Make it lighter
Yes – it’s lighter too and Model Sounds have shaved off over half its weight reducing it from 125 grams to a lightweight 50 grams, invaluable when installing in an R/C boat or aircraft as we do not want to affect the model’s centre of gravity.
Make the battery last longer
OK – done – the original Master Blaster would take 2 hours to charge from a PC or Mac (1 hour with the mains charger available separately) and would play for 2-3 hours from one charge. The Master Blaster Super Improved will now play for 4-6 hours between charges, depending on the volume level you are using.
Make the MicroSD card a better fit
Sorted! Yes it was just possible to miss the MicroSD card slot on version one of the unit, but now they have tightened the gap on the slot. This does however mean you will need strong nails or a small flat-headed screwdriver to locate and “click” the card into position, but it is a much more secure fit.
The blue flashing light on the base of the unit is too obtrusive
Model Sounds have reduced the size of the LED. You still need to see it to understand when it is playing (flashing blue) and when it is charging (static red). Whilst you can still see the state of the unit the flashing light won’t look like a dawn raid!
Too many buttons
They agreed! Indeed there are only four buttons located on the base of the unit for easy and simple use. Turn the power on by holding the “PLAY” button down for 2 or 3 seconds, and the unit will start to play. Simply adjust the volume to suit and you’re done! Of course the unit auto-loops the sound for continuous play like version one.
So we hope you agree these improvements will not only make it easier for you to get great sounds from the new Master Blaster Super Improved, but most importantly will allow you to “keep making the right noises” into 2015!
Master Blaster - still only £33.75 (incl ST card), ST card - £9.99, P&P £5.00 for the sound unit.

MS01 – Busy Train Station – Duration 6’36”
Hear general platform announcements, whistles, trains arriving and departing, air brakes
MS02 – US Railroad sounds – Duration 4’53”
We start in a goods yard before the chiming of crossing gates and big haulers rumble by
MS04 – Traffic on a busy street – Duration 5’44”
Traffic passing, pedestrians and sirens
MS05 -– Seaside – Duration 5’11”
Amusement park, arcades, kids on beach, waves lapping the shore
MS06 – Beach – Duration 7’02”
Remote beach, waves crashing against rocks, seagulls
MS07 – Cityscape – Duration 5’58”
A mix of urban noise, perfect for use in conjunction with MS04
MS08 – Country Park – Duration 5’53”
Church bells chiming on the quarter and hour, marching band, kids cheering, crowd clapping
MS09 – Country Meadow – Duration 6’00”
Birds, gulls, crickets, dog barks, forest glade, running stream
MS 11 - Dolls' House Spot Effects – Duration 30 minutes
Please note there are gaps of up to 30” of silence within this sound file, then, to surprise the audience, a door opens, a grandfather clock chimes, a baby cries – even a toilet flushes!
MS12 – Tug Boat – Duration 10’50”
The constant drone of the engine with mechanical tinkering, and air effects
– Tug Boat – Duration 10’50”
As per MS12, but with a foghorn sounding every couple of minutes too
– Steam Boat – Duration 10’28”
The clattering of the engine with steam hisses and an occasional safety valve blowing off
MS14– Old Boat – Duration 10’58”
A knocking old Lister engine just chugging away. Could be used for a stationary engine too
MS15 – Fishing Boat – Duration 9’30”
Engine sounds, but lots of splashing water and seagulls following the trawler too!
MS16 – Boat Exterior – Duration 12’02”
External engine noise and water lapping the hull
MS17 – Big Static Engine - Duration 6'50"
This is designed to be used for a static beam engine model. It would be well suited for Modeltown's pump house kit, and also perhaps for a large steam boat. Features general mechanical background, with a foreground deep thump of a cylinder with occasional steam hisses
MS18 – Small Static Engine - Duration 5'36"
Typical of a little oil-fired engine, with a gentle pulsating rhythm with the obligatory steam leak every so often
MS19– Water Mill - Duration 5'45"
This file has been specifically created for Glendale Junction who wanted a creaky old water wheel, so that's exactly what it is. Also features wildlife background, a babbling brook, cranes (the birds obviously) and ducks too
MS21 – Diesel Loco - Duration 5'15"
A great rattle of a little diesel with the occasional clunk of an oiler. Suitable for fitting in a covered wagon for O gauge and larger scales
MS23 – Fountain with Birdsong – new live recording! – Duration 14'56"
A fountain gently trickles with light bird song and pigeons cooing in background
MS26 – Welding and Panel Beating – new live recording! – Duration 5'20"
Welding, panel beating, boiler making with forklift trucks and engineering clangs
MS36 Hunslet Cab Ride with Whistle - Live Recorded sound 8'04" Recorded from the footplate with cluncks, clancks, chuffs and whistles too!
MS37 Carriage Clickety-Clacks 6'40" - Live Recorded sound from the 4th carriage back from the loco (the steam loco can be heard in the distance)
MS38 Cattle truck with Sheep 6'40" - Live recorded sound. The sheep are in a moving cattle wagon and are bleating about it!
MS45 – Quacking duck – Duration 6'10"
The gentle ebb and flow of a river with a duck quacking randomly
MS49 – GE CF44-9W US Diesel Loco – Duration 20'46"
General Electric modern image US Diesel tickover with air brakes MS51 – Ruston loco slow – Duration 12'50"
A small Ruston loco poddering along at 10mph (could also be used for as a Simplex)
MS52 – Ruston loco fast – Duration 8'40"
As per MS51 but making a good head of speed at 20mph
MS56 – Fairground atmosphere – live recording! – Duration 8'25"
All the fun of the fair. Try your luck, waltzers, haunted house and general ambience