LGB 50040
LGB 50040- Track Cleaning Block
LGB 50050
LGB 50050 - Track Cleaning Attachment
Use your trains to clean the track! Two spring-loaded cleaning pads remove dirt with spring pressure and thus clean the rails as the train goes around your layout. This track cleaning attachment can be mounted on many two-axle LGB cars. Replacement pads (LGB 67005) are available as spare parts. Not suitable for nickel-plated track.
CL52050 CL52050 CL52050
CL52050-special screwdriver set - £20.00
Our Screwdriver set is designed for the repair of LGB models. All screwdrivers are matched to the four common sizes of screw LGB models. The set contains two hex head screwdriver SW3 and SW6 for the locomotive linkage and a slot and a Phillips screwdriver. In contrast to commercially available screwdrivers we have placed emphasis on a stable handling and use handy handles. There are branded goods in best quality. Two color handle, rugged construction, satin chrome blade
**NEW** CL52015 foam tray for small parts and tools - £15.00
Styled to complement our Lokliegen there is the foam tray for small parts and tools. Bring order to your workshop and store all the small parts and tools during repair clean and always handy. The search for screws and small parts is finally over. The foam tray is glued to a cardboard base and can thus also be transported safely. If you want to temporarily store the small parts free of dust, no problem. The enclosed cardboard hang up and ready! Material: foam, punched precise and clean, Made in Germany.
CL52010: 300mm long - £11.00
CL52011: 600mm long - £22.00
CL52012: 900mm long - £33.00
Fantastic shaped foam for maintenance and repair work. The locomotive is safe and accessible and provides smooth and quiet operation. It can also be used for transport or presentation. Material: Foam, precisely and cleanly punched, made in Germany. The foam be packed in its cardboard box after each use and can again be free from dust and UV-protected stored. Available in three different lengths.
Customer Comment - "Just a note to say how pleased I am with the foam block.
I’ve already taken two to locos apart. How much easier and safer it is to my old system. A VERY GOOD PRODUCT".