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LGB 78302

in Stock 78302 Passenger Starter Set, sound £350.00


 78403 Work Train Starter Set, Sound £350.00

All aboard! This classic consist includes everything you need to enter the World of LGB. You get a Stainz steam locomotive with a big Bühler motor, electronic steam sound and a smoke generator. You also get two colorful passenger coaches, five figures, a full circle of track (1290 mm dia.), a quickconnect cable and a safety-approved power supply. You don’t need any tools or anything else. Just open the box and go!
Ready to play? Then this work train starter set is your first choice! A steam loco pulls a ballast car and construction vehicle transporter. The loco is equipped with a powerful Bühler motor, electronic steam sound and smoke generator. The set also includes a full circle of track (1290 mm dia.), safety-approved power supply, quick-connect cable and more … including crew figures ready for work on your new LGB layout!
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LGB 70305
NEW 2018 70305 Christmas Set -£350.00 - Not Available Yet - Due 3rd Q 2018  

in Stock 98463 - Clip-on Starter Set - £235.00

This starter set contains an old-timer train consisting of a tank locomotive and 2 passenger cars in a Christmas paint scheme. The locomotive has a powerful ball bearing mounted Bühler motor as well as a headlight and a smoke unit. The set also contains a complete circle of track, a power supply, and a locomotive controller. Train length 85 cm / 33-7/16