LGB - Misc


E136200 In stock CL30028 brake hoses 4028/22, 4 pieces
- Set of 4 x horns, 1 x conductor, 1 x connecting cable for Rail Car LGB 21650 Brake Hose as many freight and passenger cars in the LGB program is used. Official LGB number 4028/22. Bag of 4 pieces.



CL30031 Filigree Brackets - In stock CL2067/30 - In stock £1.90 each  
Roof supports left / right as they come in innumerable 2-axle passenger car LGB ® used. Official LGB ® number 3007/12 and 3007/12A. Bag of 4 (2 left / 2 right) Signal horn for track cleaning loco  
CL30051 - Cable F7 A + B-Unit, 2 pieces In stock CL30063 - Dark Grey Stakes - In Stock  
This connection cables you can A and B Units your F7 locomotives (LGB 20570, 20582 and identical) electrically connect. A cable is used to power the B-unit, while the other cable transmits the sound from the amplifier to the speaker of the B-Unit in the A-unit. The product was previously available in the LGB program under item number 68570. Bag of 2.
CL30201 Screws (pack of 6) In stock CL30320 Feedwater Pump In stock  
Lid head screws for screwing rods and Hall cranks. The screws are used, among other things, for locomotives 20400, 20620, 20950 and 21900. Official LGB® number 012250. Bag of 10 pieces.
CL30320 Feedwater pump Stainz new, 3 pieces
Feedwater pump of the type Stainz new as replacement and for self-construction purposes. Official LGB® number 1.20211.170.1. Bag of 3 pieces.
G Scale Coal Box    
CL30325 Coal Bunker In stock    
Coal Brass case with real coal load as it was the time for LGB ® / Aster locomotive type used by Tss 43rd Official LGB ® Number 6.22832.515.1. Ideal for custom-built locomotives or BW decoration.    
CL60161 connecting cables with blade terminals, 4-pin, 2 pieces In stock ET2010/54 Straight Pipes for Stainz - In stock  

Connection cable (4-pole) with flat connectors and cables. Matching Sockets (CL60041) are sold separately. Not suitable for connection of LGB locos type F7. 2 pieces in a bag.


Gears front with traction tires for LGB Mallet with linkage.

  Gears front with traction tires for LGB Mallet with linkage.