LGB - Misc


E136200 - In stock CL30028 brake hoses 4028/22, 4 pieces - in stock
- Set of 4 x horns, 1 x conductor, 1 x connecting cable for Rail Car LGB 21650 Brake Hose as many freight and passenger cars in the LGB program is used. Official LGB number 4028/22. Bag of 4 pieces.



CL30031 Filigree Brackets - In stock CL2067/30 - In stock  
Roof supports left / right as they come in innumerable 2-axle passenger car LGB ® used. Official LGB ® number 3007/12 and 3007/12A. Bag of 4 (2 left / 2 right) Signal horn for track cleaning loco  
CL30320 Feedwater Pump In stock CL30201 Screws (pack of 6) In stock  
CL30320 Feedwater pump Stainz new, 3 pieces
Feedwater pump of the type Stainz new as replacement and for self-construction purposes. Official LGB® number 1.20211.170.1. Bag of 3 pieces.
Lid head screws for screwing rods and Hall cranks. The screws are used, among other things, for locomotives 20400, 20620, 20950 and 21900. Official LGB® number 012250. Bag of 10 pieces.  
CL60161 connecting cables with blade terminals, 4-pin, 2 pieces In stock ET2010/54 Straight Pipes for Stainz - In stock  

Connection cable (4-pole) with flat connectors and cables. Matching Sockets (CL60041) are sold separately. Not suitable for connection of LGB locos type F7. 2 pieces in a bag.


Gears front with traction tires for LGB Mallet with linkage.

  Gears front with traction tires for LGB Mallet with linkage.