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Introducing Jacksons Miniature's range of garden railway building plans and kits and accessories for 16mm and G scales. The kits are made from machine cut moisture proof mdf panels and include easy-to-follow instructions and highly detailed styrene doors and windows. The exteriors can be painted or customised using our range of quality embossed sheets shown below.


Plastic Textured Pattern Sheets - they can be used in their natural coloured finish or painted using acrylic model paint to create a superior appearance. Click here for more information

To see which sheeting you need for each building, see below:

Signal box sheeting pack (1 x RBR, 1 x WB, 3/4 x GC) i.e. 1 x M05, 1 x M16, 1 x M18
Waiting room sheeting pack (4/3 x WB, 1/3 x GC) (M16 & M18)
Small station sheeting pack (2 x RGY, 2 x WB) i.e. 2 x M15, 2 x M16
Lineside building sheeting pack (4/3 x WB – M16, 1/3 x GC – M18)
Large station sheeting pack (4 x RGY – M15, 4 x WB – M16)
Terraced House - back sheeting pack (1 x RBR – M05, 1 x RGY – M15)
Terraced House - front sheeting pack (1 x RBR – M05, 1/2 x RGY – M15)
Golden Valley station sheeting pack (2 x RGY – M15, 3 x WB – M16)

M05 – rough brick      M15 – grey roofing
M16 – weatherboarding     M18 – grey corrugated