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Introducing Jacksons Miniature's range of garden railway building plans and kits and accessories for 16mm and G scales. The kits are made from machine cut moisture proof mdf panels and include easy-to-follow instructions and highly detailed styrene doors and windows. The exteriors can be painted or customised using our range of quality embossed sheets shown below.


Dimensions: Width = 170 mm (6 3/4"), Depth = 150 mm (6"), Height = 165 mm (6 1/2") Jacksons Miniatures Waiting Room
  WK09 - Castle Caereinion waiting room assembled from the basic kit- £19.50 Castle Caereinion waiting room painted and customised using our textured plastic sheets
  To clad WK09 you need 1 and 1/3 M16 – weatherboarding and 1/3 M18 – corrugated roofing
Jackson's Miniatures Signal Box
WK16 - "Llanvi" signal box
Dimensions: Width = 250 mm (9 7/8"), Depth = 165 mm (6 1/2"), Height = 266 mm (10 1/2")

Kit (order code WK16) - Retail price: £50.00
This signal box is based on several typical Great Western signal boxes, such as Llanvihangel (hence the name), Pandy and Pontrilas on the old 'North and West' route. It is sized to be suitable for the smaller railway.

The kit can be assembled so that the porch is either on the left or the right. Simply switch the sides and flip over the floor.

Unlike previous kits which are made from moisture-proof mdf, the pieces are machined from 'pvc foam' sheet. This material, though more expensive is totally waterproof, so that no preparation is necessary, and the pieces can be joined together easily with pvc solvent (as used by plumbers for pvc pipes), making it very simple and easy to assemble.

The building can be painted in the same way as their other kits or it can be finished using their textured plastic sheets.

Plastic Textured Pattern Sheets - they can be used in their natural coloured finish or painted using acrylic model paint to create a superior appearance. Click here for more information

To see which sheeting you need for each building, see below:

Signal box sheeting pack (1 x RBR, 1 x WB, 3/4 x GC) i.e. 1 x M05, 1 x M16, 1 x M18
Waiting room sheeting pack (4/3 x WB, 1/3 x GC) (M16 & M18)
Small station sheeting pack (2 x RGY, 2 x WB) i.e. 2 x M15, 2 x M16
Lineside building sheeting pack (4/3 x WB – M16, 1/3 x GC – M18)
Large station sheeting pack (4 x RGY – M15, 4 x WB – M16)
Terraced House - back sheeting pack (1 x RBR – M05, 1 x RGY – M15)
Terraced House - front sheeting pack (1 x RBR – M05, 1/2 x RGY – M15)
Golden Valley station sheeting pack (2 x RGY – M15, 3 x WB – M16)

M05 – rough brick      M15 – grey roofing
M16 – weatherboarding     M18 – grey corrugated