Gordon's Train Kits


These laser cut wooden kits are ideal for kit-bashing and/or building your own models. They are very basic enabling you to add your own roof (made of whatever material you like), whatever type of bogies you choose together with your system of couplers etc. The kits do not include any screws.
Most vehicle models are to a height of about 155mm wide say about 6 1/8 inches. The Van width is about 98mm or 4 7/8inches,the low plank wagon is about the same. The coaches are narrower about 103mm say 4inches, the Railcar is about 110mm again about 4 1/4inches. The roof adds about 5 to 10mm depends on builders choice. The length of the Van is 6 1/8inches about 155mm, The coaches are about 12 1/2inches about 318mm and the Railcar is the longest 19 ¼ inches or about 490mm.
The height will depend on which make of wheelset are employed and the skills of most modelers can be used to narrow these kits to sizes desired.
Railcar Kit - £20.00
Gordon's Trains RailcarGordon's Trains Railcar Parts
Customer built kit as coach
Signal Cabin - £16.00
The signal cabin is 158mm long x 11.5mm wide and 165 tall. The door opening is 40 x 95mm.
This roughly equates to 6.1/4 long x 4.1/2 wide and 6.1/2 tall. The door is 1.1/2 x 3.3/4 inches.


Gordon's Trains Shelter

Shelter - £8.00

It is recommended you waterproof this shelter as it is made from ply.

Low Sided Wagon £3.50

The kit comprises of two ends, two sides and the base.

(No wheels, bogies pr couplings are included)


First Class Short Coach - £9.00

This kit comprises sides and ends

(No wheels, bogies or couplings are included)

Kits made into rolling stock above


A Coach Kit being used as a grounded coach - Jean's Tea Rooms (photo by kind permission of David Baker)

Third Class Short Coach - £9.00

This kit comprises sides and ends

(No wheels, bogies, couplings are included)

Photos by kind permission of Bob Perrin

Guards Van - £7.50

This kit comprises sides, ends, floor and shaped roof supports

(No wheels, bogies, couplings are included)

Click here to see a tram constructed from two ‘Gordons’ Guard vans

Awaiting photo


VAN - £4.00


short wheelbase 45mm or 32mm - £4.00

long wheelbase 45mm or 32mm - £4.00


Wheels and screws are not included in this kit.