All Binnie Engineering wagon kits are 1:19 scle, 16mm/ft.

Kits include wheels and axleboxes.

Wagon bodies are made of ABS which can be glued with liquid polystyrene cement (solvent). The polystyrene cement which is sold in tubes is not suitable for ABS.

Wheels and axleboxes are made of Nylon (75%) and glass fibre (25%).

Wheels are a tight fit on the steel axles and require no additional fixing.

Axleboxes can be secured with Cyanoacrylate or Epoxy.

After painting, the axlesboxes can be lubricated with light mineral oil.

Hudson Bolster Wagon Kit 32mm gauge - £6.00 each

GVT 4 ton Granite Wagon Kit

32mm gauge - £14.50 each

Binnie Festiniog Slate Wagon Kit
Festiniog Slate Wagon Kit 32mm gauge - £9.00 each

Hudson Tipper Wagon Kit

Available in 32mm or 45mm gauge - £11.00 each

Binnie Hudson Tipper Wagon Kit
Binnie Festiniog Flat Wagon Kit
Festiniog Flat Wagon Kit 32mm gauge - £7.00 each
Please note the bearings in all the axleboxes are now the correct size to take 3mm axles so customers no longer have to drill them.
Wheels £4.00 per pack of 8, Couplings £4 per pack of 4, Axleboxes £5 per pack of 8